About Cannabidiol (CBD)

A chart explaining the endocannabinoid system

The science of CBD

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, regulates everything from relaxation to eating, sleeping, inflammation, and even cognitive function. In a nutshell, the ECS is responsible for making sure the entire body is working optimally. The Industry CBD Gummies have been shown to positively regulate your ECS addressing issues such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Here is what the ECS system is known to do:

Body: Stimulates an anti-inflammatory response which helps reduce all forms of chronic aches and pains. Regular use also helps support joint health, mobility, and flexibility.

Brain: Helps positively regulate mood patterns which help reduce anxiety and stress. It also promotes better sleep cycles and in some cases may offer a safe remedy for depression and bipolar disorders.

Age: Inflammation is a natural killer responsible for all sorts of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. Inflammation is also a positive mechanism used to heal damaged tissue. The ECS is a critical part of managing the parts of the body that when finely tuned can help you feel your best.

A chart showing where the cannabinoid receptors are in the human body

About The Industry CBD

We are a team of experts and advocates in the cannabidiol industry trying to create a better world: A world where people can enhance the quality of their lives in natural ways and without risking their health.

We understand how hard it can be to find a trusted CBD supplier. We’ve all been there at some point. This is why we’re committed to transparency. Our selection of CBD products include only pure and potent CBD distillate, sourced from organic hemp, extracted with ethical methods, and lab tested for quality.

Hemp Derived CBD

Our full spectrum CBD is 100% hemp derived, so you can get the benefits of cannabinoids without the heavy effects of cannabis based products.

The cannabidiol (CBD) in The Industry’s line of products is naturally occurring, giving it an indirect advantage of the panoramic full-spectrum CBD. It works synergistically with other phytocannabinoids ( other cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant) for better results than CBD alone!

Scientific literature has demonstrated that “single magic bullet” CBD is inferior to full-spectrum CBD extracts that contain the whole family of phytocannabinoids!

This powerful formula contains more cannabinoids in a superior delivery system to get you even better results that are guaranteed.

3rd-Party Lab Tested
100% Pure

All of The Industry CBD products undergo extensive third-party testing to ensure absolute purity and consistent quality. Certified third-party labs test every batch to verify full-spectrum CBD content with zero contaminants. Free your mind from worry! You’re getting some of the highest-quality CBD Gummies sold anywhere.

Test Result = 367mg CBD Per Box
No Contaminants, No GMOs, No Worries
Third-party Certified CBD
Third-party Certified CBD