Happy Customers

I love the Goddess gummies! They taste great and I love that they are all natural, I don’t have to take pills anymore!

Regina H.

Sonoma, CA

The CBD products I’ve used in the past ease my back pain but the Grizzly gummies take away my pain completely! These are the BEST CBD gummies I’ve ever had!

Steven S.

Ft. Meyers, FL

I take one Guru gummy before I go to the office. It helps my back pain from sitting all day and helps me focus in the morning.

Matt H.

Portland, OR

I take one Birdie Bear about 20 minuets before my tee time and hand them out to my friends too. They relax you just enough to take the edge off and help you have a more relaxed consistent swing resulting in lower scores.

Earl G.

Sonoma, CA

I’ve broken my back twice and have been prescribed every pain pill in the pharmacy, I don’t need any of that anymore, I only use the Grizzly gummies. I take one in the morning for pain and one in the evening to help me sleep. It’s all I need.

Jim H.
Glen Ellen, CA

The Goddess gummies helped my menstrual cramps almost immediately and even helped with my headaches the next day!

Chelsea C.
Ocean City, NJ

I don’t usually take medication for my menstrual pain because I don’t like pills but I started taking the Goddess gummies because they’re natural and they work.

Amanda M.
Naples, FL

Before I found the Grizzly gummies I was addicted to Ambien for sleep, now I just take one gummy before bed and I sleep all night long.

Jackie M.
Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you so much for these gummies! It’s the first time I’ve slept well in 3 years!

Cody B.
Sonoma, CA