Welcome to the Industry

Lab Tested

Always third-party lab-tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and potency. We promise that our products are made safely and sustainably.

Hemp Derived CBD

Our full spectrum CBD is 100% hemp derived, so you can get the benefits of cannabinoids without the heavy effects of cannabis based products.

Made in the USA

We hand-make and hand-package our CBD gummies in a controlled environment in California. They are created from only the best natural, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Transforming Thousands of Lives One Gummy at a Time

I Was Addicted To The Sleeping Pill, “Ambien.”

Before I found the grizzly gummies I was addicted to the sleeping pill, “ambien” for sleep. Now I just take one gummy before bed and I sleep the whole night through.


Huntington Beach, CA

It’s All I Need!

I’ve broken my back twice and have been prescribed every pain pill in the pharmacy, I don’t need any of that anymore, I only use the industry gummies. I take one in the morning for pain and one in the evening to help me sleep. It’s all I need!


Glen Ellen, CA

They’re All Natural And They Work Wonderfully!

I don’t usually take medication for my menstrual pain because I don’t like pills, but I started taking the industry CBD goddess gummies because they’re all natural and they work wonderfully!


Naples, FL